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Emery Winslow Hydrostatic Scales are the ONLY SCALES that Withstand Our Stringent Wash Downs
  • We get the price difference back many times over in the form of dramatically reduced downtime, fewer repairs, and no replacement load cells. Steve Valesko, Facilities Manger for Boars Head Provision Company Read Full Case Study
  • I would not put electronic load cells into any meat plant. The water wreaks havoc with them, even hermetically sealed ones. A load cell failure would really mess up our production, and downtime is very costly. Mike Martella, Director of Operations for Boars Head Provision Company Read Full Case Study
  • Our sanitation crew hoses down with 160 degree water at up to 600 PSI. In my 30 years in the meat industry, I have not seen electronic scales function very well, or for very long, under those conditions. We were always losing load cells, and having problems getting good weight readings. Jim McConnell, Plant Manager for ODOM’S TENNESSEE PRIDE Read Full Case Study

Emery Winslow Scales Feature Hydrostatic Load Cell Technology:

#1 in accuracy, reliability, and durability for harsh industrial environments.

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Weather check icon
Extreme Temperatures Icon Extreme
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Highly Corrosive Conditions Icon Highly Corrosive
Conditions check icon
Extensive Washdowns Icon Extensive
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Vibration/Shock RFI/EMI Icon Vibration/Shock
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Floor Scales
Heavy-duty, washdown, portable, and more.
Bench Scales
Any application, any capacity.
Truck Scales
Extreme weather, high-capacity, built to last.
Railroad Track Scales
Extreme weather, static, and in-motion scales.
Tank & Hopper Scales
Rugged, accurate, flexible custom weighing systems.
Guaranteed accurate, reliable, flexible industrial instrumentation.
Animal Scales
Custom, heavy-duty, waterproof for any large animal application.
Industrial Scales
Accurate, reliable, water and chemical-proof.
Custom Scales
Any application, any conditions, guaranteed accuracy and reliability.

We customize any scale to meet your needs!

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Hydrostatic Scales vs Electronic Scales

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Hydrostatic Weigh Systems

With Hydrostatic™ technology the toughest environmental factors are neutralized. Because Hydrostatic load cells have all but eliminated wear points, you never have to replace your load cells again.

Unlike electronic weigh systems, where the summing network is exposed to the elements, in our Hydrostatic weigh systems the Summing Totalizer is totally protected in a controlled environment.

Emery Winslow Hydrostatic scales are Made in the U.S.A. and come with a LIFETIME LOAD CELL GUARANTEE.

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Electronic Weigh Systems

Electronics and water just don’t mix! Electronic Weigh Systems expose the your electronics to environmental factors that “strain” electronic load cell technology. The result costs you thousands of dollars per year in load cell replacements and re-calibrations, or worse, downtime.

Emery Winslow Hydrostatic Weigh Systems with our exclusive Hydrostatic Load Cell Technology are impervious to water, chemicals, and harsh industrial environments. Our industrial scales give you superior reliability and performance with the lowest cost of ownership. That’s why companies like Campbell Soup, Boar’s Head, and Dupont, turn to Emery Winslow to solve their scale problems

Connecticut Industrial Scale Company

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Since 1868 Emery Winslow has been manufacturing load cells, scales, and weighing systems for every imaginable application from a simple warehouse floor scale to a custom design for Killer whales. We have scales to weigh mail bags or chicken breasts, sausages or railroad cars, tomato paste or nitro-glycerin, tanker trucks or Boeing 747 aircraft. There’s nothing we can’t handle.

Our particular strength is harsh environments, where scales may be exposed to water, chemicals and extensive wash down, lightning, corrosives, physical abuse, extreme weather, power surges, rodents, and even explosive conditions. Recognizable brands rely on the accuracy, performance, and reliability of our exclusive Hydrostatic scales in industries such as food and chemical processing, aggregate, air cargo, waste, scrap, munitions, still production, aerospace; not to mention outdoor tank and vehicle weighing.

Our extensive industrial scale line includes tank and hopper scales, floor scales, bench scales, truck scales, railroad track scales, and instrumentation. We have extensive custom capabilities as well, and can design a scale for you, whether you want to weigh rocket fuel or a killer whale.

We can retrofit or customize our Hydrostatic
weighing systems to fit your needs.

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