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Over 220 years of scale and force measurement was represented when Albert Emery and Marlon Winslow joined forces in 1974 to form the Emery Winslow Scale Company. Although their mission to design, manufacture, and sell the most reliable weighing products on the market for harsh environments still holds true today, low cost of ownership remains the best value and hallmark of every Emery Winslow scale in the market.

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The Emery Winslow Difference

Emery Winslow scales are made in the U.S.A. and feature Hydrostatic Load Technology, the most rugged and durable industrial device on the market today. Demand for this technology is growing with the inability of electronic load cells to withstand the harsh environments of many industrial applications, in spite of hermetic seals. Water, lightning, power surges, abuse, welding, corrosion, and even rodents cause uncountable numbers of scale failures. For these reasons, electronic load cell scales are the most expensive to own and maintain. Hydrostatic load cells are immune to most of these conditions and provide a level of performance and reliability unmatched in the scale industry. They are the load cell of choice for today’s industrial users who understand low cost of ownership means greater profitability. Learn more about Hydrostatic technology

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Flexible, Customizable Load Cells, Scales, and Weighing Systems for Any Industry, Any Environment

With our exclusive Hydrostatic technology and the best engineering minds in the country, Emery Winslow makes everything from simple warehouse floor scales, to custom designed scales to weigh Killer Whales. Whether you need a scales to weigh pizza sauce, sausage meat, or chicken breast; nitroglycerine, mail bags, or asphalt; chemical tanks, railroad cars, or garbage trucks; rocket fuel, Boeing 747’s or elephants, we can design a custom weighing system for your needs, your environment, and your imagination.

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Our Partnership with Pennsylvania Scale Company

Pennsylvania Scale Company is a business unit of Emery Winslow Scale Company. They are a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty electronic weighing and parts counting products. Proudly made in the USA, Pennsylvania Scales’ products are reliable, accurate, innovative, durable and easy-to-use. With an anticipated lifespan of 20+ years, Pennsylvania Scales products are legendary for their Sustained Accuracy™ and are backed by the longest warranties in the industry.








Our Heritage



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The Emery Winslow Scale Company established its roots in 1868 when Mr. Albert Hamilton Emery, scientist, physicist and engineer, founded the A.H. Emery Company in Stamford, Connecticut. Mr. Emery manufactured  HYDROSTATIC™  and pneumatic force measurement systems developed primarily for use in strength of materials testing machines.



During the 1870’s the war created a great congregational debate about the use of bronze, steel, and iron for manufacturing guns. Finally, in 1873, the Congress of  the United States appropriated money for the design and manufacture of a machine to test iron and steel.  A.H. Emery was engaged to design and build such a machine capable of testing loads of up to 1,000,000lbs.



The original testing machine, delivered to Watertown Arsenal in 1879 was installed in a special building and began to make engineering history. It was hailed by the newspapers of the day as the "Trailblazer of the Machine Age". Engineering textbooks have referred to the Emery apparatus as "the most perfect weighing machine ever devised"; and it has become the model for innumerable similar devices. It settled the controversy between iron and steel with an overwhelming verdict in favor of steel. Download the full story.



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The Winslow portion of Emery Winslow was founded in 1896 by Marlon H. Winslow in Terre Haute, Indiana and selected the substantial name of Winslow Government Standard Scale Works, Inc. Mr. Winslow was an experienced scale technician, employed by the E.T. Fairbanks Company. He began his journey by manufacturing railroad track scales and horse drawn wagon scales, later adding truck scales, floor scales and aggregate cement bins and batchers.



In June 1963, The A.H. Emery Company was acquired by and became an operating subsidiary of the Aero-Chatillon Corporation and, in 1969, an operating division of the Macrodyne-Chatillon Corporation. In January 1973, present management acquired full ownership from Macrodyne Chatillon and Emery reorganized as an active Connecticut corporation.



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In February 1974, The A.H. Emery Company acquired the Winslow Scale Company located in Terre Haute, Indiana, manufacturers of industrial scales, track and truck scales, cement silos and aggregate bins since1896. The Winslow plant consists of four buildings and 80,000 square feet of up-to-date manufacturing space, situated on 15 acres of prime industrial land.



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In 2003, The A.H. Emery Company acquired Pennsylvania Scale Company located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Scale has been manufacturing electronic counting, bench and floor scales since 1899.



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The Emery Winslow Scale Company continues to engineer, manufacture and market a superior line of industrial weighing products and strives to retain the reputation of being, "A Good Company To Do Business With", working with a strict sense of integrity and understanding for the benefit of its customers and markets.

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