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Emery Winslow Hydrostatic Scales are the ONLY SCALES that Withstand Our Stringent Wash Downs
  • Numerous vendors and equipment manufacturers have said that their equipment was suitable for total washdown, Campbell Soup Company - CSC Brands, L.P. - Maxtonbut many of those manufacturers have backed down once they actually witnessed our processing requirements and the stringent measures we take to ensure cleanliness” Steve Valesko, Facilities Manger for Boars Head Provision Company Read Full Case Study
  • I would not put electronic load cells into any meat plant. The water wreaks havoc with them, even hermetically sealed ones. A load cell failure would really mess up our production, and downtime is very costly. Mike Martella, Director of Operations for Boars Head Provision Company Read Full Case Study
  • Our sanitation crew hoses down with 160 degree water at up to 600 PSI. In my 30 years in the meat industry, I have not seen electronic scales function very well, or for very long, under those conditions. We were always losing load cells, and having problems getting good weight readings. Jim McConnell, Plant Manager for ODOM’S TENNESSEE PRIDE Read Full Case Study

Hydrostatic Bench Scales for Commercial and Industrial Weighing

Ideal for harsh wash-down and explosive environments

Compact scales may be ideal for small spaces, but they are a powerhouse when it comes to providing maximum accuracy and durability for wet and dry commercial or industrial environments. Emery Winslow portable or stationary bench scales can be used in a variety of applications including chemical handling, pharmaceuticals, inventory management, and washdown environments.

Never Replace Your Load Cells Again!

Emery Winslow’s exclusive Hydrotonic technology unites Hydrostatic load cells with digital instrumentation for an unbeatable combination. These high-accuracy load cells remain unaffected by the harsh conditions that commonly cause failure in electronic load cells.

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Consider these outstanding benefits:

  • LIFETIME load cell guarantee, immune to water and electrical damage
  • HIGHEST return on investment, lowest maintenance cost
  • HIGHEST resistance to corrosion - all Grade 304 stainless steel construction, including the load cell!
  • Load Cell is non-electric and therefore ideal for extremely wet and/or explosive environments
  • Rugged Torc-beam scale base, protects the scale and Load Cell
  • USDA Approved
  • Available with a wide range of digital instrumentation, including FM-approved, intrinsically-safe indicators

Exclusive Guarantee

Emery Winslow guarantees the Hydrostatic load cell for life against water and electric damage, and for two (2) years against damage due to normal wear and tear or defects in material and workmanship.


We customize any scale to meet your needs!

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