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We are committed to strong relationships with our partners, and always promise the highest quality service and product at a fair price. This is supported below by just a few of our clients’ success stories.

Just a note to further update you on our 60 ft. 70 ton Hydrostatic “RAMBO” scales. We regularly wash out these scales with a fire truck, and have never done anything to them since installing them in 1996 (10 yrs ago) so we knew they were tough! We just didn’t know how Damn Tough. Two weeks ago we found out. During a thunderstorm our scales took a direct, and I mean “Direct” hit. A truck driver that happened to be driving by to be loaded said he thought “he had met his maker”. He also stated that a “fireball” went the entire length of the deck. Although it fried two computers in two separate buildings, the scales never missed a beat. Thanks again for selling us the toughest scales on earth, and if anyone has a hard time believing this just have them call me. Charles Boone, V.P. Explosives Supply Co. Inc.

Numerous vendors and equipment manufacturers have said that their equipment was suitable for total washdown, but many of those manufacturers have backed down once they actually witnessed our processing requirements and the stringent measures we take to ensure cleanliness. Campbell Soup’s Maxton, NC plant manager

These scales couldn’t work better, in the coldest winter or the hottest summer. We push hundreds of trucks over the scales every day, with practically no problems. Weights and Measures inspectors come out and check these scales, and in seven years I am not aware of any adjustments needed. Ted Powell, Southern Indiana Aggregate Manager for The Rogers Group

We get the price difference back many times over in the form of dramatically reduced downtime, fewer repairs and no replacement load cells. Steve Valesko, Facilities Manager for Boars Head Provision Company

I would not put electronic load cells into any meat plant. The water wreaks havoc with them, even hermetically sealed ones. A load cell failure would really mess up our production, and downtime is very costly. Mike Martella, Director of Operations for Boars Head Provision Company

Our sanitation crew hoses down with 160 degree water at up to 600 PSI. In my 30 years in the meat industry, I have not seen electronic scales function very well, or for very long, under those conditions. We were always losing load cells, and having problems getting good weight readings. Jim McConnell, Plant Manager for ODOM’S TENNESSEE PRIDE

Water is our worst enemy, and the scales were a major source of headaches. The Hydrostatic scales have significantly changed the focus of the things we would fight on a daily basis. Our scale issues have disappeared, and it has definitely helped us improve our process. A lot of that previous effort spent on scale problems now goes into making good products for our customers. Frank Howell, Director of Manufacturing Development, ODOM’S TENNESSEE PRIDE

We really like our Hydrostatic railroad scale that we’ve had since 1989. This scale operates under extreme corrosive conditions, yet it has been the most reliable scale we have. Gary Gilmore, plant manager at Exxon Chemical

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