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June 13, 2024



Kent Kalar

Emery Winslow is Pleased to Announce Kent Kalar as Southeast Region Manager.


In this new role Kent will have a strong focus on sales growth for the Southeast Region for Emery Winslow Scale. With a defined territory Kent will have the opportunity to better help all of our customers in this region and provide the outstanding sales and application support for the amazing Emery Winslow Scale Hydrostatic Weighing Systems.

Kent started his professional career in the Aerospace industry where he worked for several years before joining the scale industry at an independent scale dealer in Indiana. in 1996. This Scale dealer was an Emery Winslow Scale Company dealer so Kent has been a part of the “Family” 28 plus years. From there Kent has worked for several scale dealers and manufacturers gaining experience and expertise in weighing applications that he leverages to help our customers with application as well as technical support.

Kent joined the Emery Winslow Scale team in June of 2020 and he is well to known to many of you already as the go to source for helping find great solutions to any weighing application. In fact, what Kent most likes about his job is helping customers solve a problem with weighing systems that give a great return on investment, are high quality and long lasting.

Kent is a self described history buff and is quite knowledgeable about the long History of the Emery Winslow Scale company as well as American History and even the histories of planes, trains and automobiles. He also restores antique farm equipment in his spare time.

We are excited to have Kent in this new role, better positioned to assist our customers in the Southeast Region. He is a great resource and help to our customers and we encourage you to use him as such!

If you have questions about the Emery Winslow Scale product line or would like to talk with Kent he can be reached at or at 850.818.1039

APRIL 2, 2024

Revolutionizing Drum and Barrel Handling with the 6300 Drum Bunny From Emery Winslow's Pennsylvania Division!

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Imagine a solution that not only streamlines the process of weighing and transporting drums and barrels but also mitigates the risk of injuries and fatigue. The Pennsylvania Scale Company 6300 Mobile Drum Weighing System has been meticulously designed to address these challenges and provide a seamless and safe solution for your operations.


  • Convenient Mobility: No need for multiple trips or lifting equipment – our system enables you to move and weigh your loads in a single, convenient step.
  • Accurate Weighing: Precision matters, especially when dealing with liquid ingredients. Our integrated scale ensures accurate weight measurement, eliminating the guesswork that often accompanies manual weighing methods. This accuracy contributes to consistent product quality and reduces the risk of over-pouring or under-pouring.
  • Reduced Fatigue and Injuries: By eliminating the need for excessive manual lifting and carrying, our Mobile Scale System helps protect your team from the physical strain that can lead to injuries. A well-rested and healthy workforce is not only more productive but also more likely to stay engaged and satisfied with their roles.

Take Control Of Your Inventory In Drums and Barrels!

Emery Winslow Scale Blog Page - Emery Winslow - iStock-1346883587

Safety and efficiency go hand in hand. With reduced workplace injuries and fatigue, you can expect a decrease in absenteeism, turnover, and associated costs. Additionally, the time saved from streamlined operations translates to increased productivity and ultimately a healthier bottom line.


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March 27, 2024

The Emery Winslow Hydrostatic Weighing Systems Advantage
In the real world of industrial weighing and load measurement, precision and reliability are critical. Out of all the weighing technologies available, hydrostatic load cells stand out as a robust and dependable solution. When you choose an Emery Winslow Hydrostatic Weighing System, you're making the smart choice!

Durability and Resilience:
Hydrostatic load cells are engineered with simplicity and resilience in mind. Unlike electronic load cells, which contain delicate components vulnerable to environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations, moisture, and electromagnetic interference. This inherent simplicity not only reduces the risk of component failure but also enhances longevity, making hydrostatic load cells ideal for harsh industrial environments where reliability is crucial.

Emery Winslow Scale Blog Page - Emery Winslow - 120-2(1)
Minimal Maintenance Requirements:
Electronic load cells often require periodic calibration and maintenance to ensure accuracy and performance. In contrast, hydrostatic load cells have minimal maintenance requirements. This translates to reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs, providing a clear advantage for businesses seeking efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Accuracy and Precision:
Hydrostatic load cells offer exceptional accuracy and precision, even in demanding conditions. As a result, users can rely on hydrostatic load cells to deliver precise measurements with confidence, whether for process control, material testing, or other critical applications.

Emery Winslow Scale Blog Page - Emery Winslow - 136-75CH-B
Intrinsically Safe Design:
In environments where explosive gases or flammable materials are present, safety is of utmost concern. Hydrostatic load cells offer an intrinsically safe design, with no electrical components in direct contact with the measured load. For industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, or mining, where safety is non-negotiable, hydrostatic load cells provide a reliable solution for accurate weight measurement without compromising on safety.

Emery Winslow Scale Blog Page - Emery Winslow - 708FloorScale
With minimal maintenance requirements, extended durability, and reliable performance, hydrostatic load cells offer excellent long-term value. Businesses can benefit from reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs, and improved operational efficiency, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment.
Emery Winslow Hydrostatic Weighing Systems are simply the best solution for long life, accurate weighing, and reduced downtime, even in the harshest of environments, resulting in a significant return on investment unlike any other system or weighing technology. Find Out More by clicking on this link to contact our team of weighing and scale experts: CONTACT US

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